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Some Oughta Survive Expedition

September 29 – October 5, 2014


The SOS Expedition definitely earned its name.


After 2 amazing days that included kayaking through remote wilderness on the Mississagi River, lots of hiking, and a visit to Aubrey Falls, we were hit with heavy rains. A teepee was built, but it didn’t stop the flood from consuming basecamp.


We had to pack up and relocate. The road south washed out and closed. Our only options where to take either Ranger Lake Rd or head north through Chapleau and Wawa, which would have been several hours out of our way. We decided on Ranger Lake Rd, which had multiple washouts to drive through.


That night we camped at Mile 38 Rd, only to wake up to a lake forming over the road. From there we headed north to Lake Superior Provincial Park. We hiked part of the Awausee Trail and explored Chippewa Falls. Climbing had to be canceled as the rock face had turned into waterfalls. The team was not phased. They remained cheerful and adaptable through the entire week. It was certainly and adventure!


~Amy “AR” Colby
Expedition Leader