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1. Girth Hitch

Objective:  In this course, we will cover the Girth Hitch, its uses and how to tie it in multiple ways to ensure your mastery.

Other names:  Cow Hitch, Lark’s head, Lark’s foot, Ring hitch, Lanyard hitch, Bale Sling hitch, Baggage Tag Loop, Tag Knot, Deadeye hitch, Running eye

Class:  Hitch (binding rope to an object)

Origin:  Ancient

Use:  Tying a rope to a ring, pole, rope, or tarp

Cons:  Can fail unless equal tension is applied to both of the standing parts of the rope.

Common Usage:  The Girth Hitch attaches a sling or a webbing strap loop to your harness or to another sling, strap, or rope. It is also often employed when slings are used to connect anchor points to a static rope in a variety of rope set-ups.

In bushcraft, the girth hitch can be easier to apply (than a clove hitch) in some circumstances such as securing a stone in a tarp.

Note:  For rest of the class, have some rope handy so you can practice while navigating the course.