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Cooking With Fire

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October 24, 2020

In this outdoor cook-off we challenged ourselves to cook something amazing using only a wood fire as the heat source. No fossil fuels, no alcohol stoves, no electric appliances. We demonstrated and shared outdoor cooking techniques, and a prize for the best dish was awarded to a winner chosen by the group.

AR baked her first-ever loaf of bread in an aluminum Dutch oven and it came out fantastic!

We voted for our favorite dishes, and the top two winners received the books Cooking with Fire and the Camping Cookbook.

Here’s a video of this event, showing the various cooking techniques we used and the delicious results! Visit our YouTube channel for more videos.

Books and Gear We Recommend
Cooking with Fire by Paula Marcoux
Camping Cookbook by Louise Davidson
GSI Outdoors 10″ Hard Anodized Aluminum Dutch Oven
Turkish Copper Coffee Pot with Lid (20 Oz)
Light My Fire GrandPa’s FireGrill

This was the first-ever group event where we used our portable campfire pizza oven, which will feature in many of our subsequent adventures.