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The Best Foot Traction Devices for Ice and Snow

One of the best ways to ensure your safety is to equip yourself with a pair of foot traction devices or “ice cleats”. Here are our favorite traction devices for hiking, listed from most-aggressive to least-aggressive.

Skis or Snowshoes? Consider Skishoes

What mode of winter travel is best?  It always depends.  Whether you should use skis or snowshoes depends on skill level, terrain, snow conditions, vegetation and many other factors.  Simply said, “it depends”.  Skis, snowshoes, or post holing all have their pros and cons.

Rigging a Pulk the Right Way

A Pulk sled is considered by many to be a superior way to haul gear in arctic or winter conditions. Rigging a pulk the right way can make the difference between a great winter experience or a disappointment.

How to Build a Fire in Any Conditions

The ability to build a fire under a variety of circumstances is a valuable survival skill and can be the difference between life and death. A successful fire requires preparation including selecting the appropriate location for the fire, the use of fire making sources, and gathering sufficient quantities of tinder, kindling, and fuel.