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TR1-3: Basic Technical Ropework & Rescue

This course is the basic building block for more advanced outdoor skills. Technical Rope Rescue is the perfect introduction for using ropes and rope systems in rock climbing, caving, canyoneering, search and rescue, expedition travel, accessing hazardous terrain, overcoming obstacles in the wilderness and many other activities. This course is essential for the outdoors person who is interested in learning skills beyond the novice level.

This introductory course is designed to familiarize the Expedition Leader or Rescue Responder with basic rope systems. Students will learn basic skills needed for hazardous terrain including ascending, rappelling, knots, equipment use and other techniques. This course is an excellent introduction for the student with no knowledge of rope systems use for rescue or climbing.

TR1&2 – Technical Rope Work Lecture, this lecture covers the basics of rope rescue including, scene safety, rope rescue philosophy, knots, anchors, rappelling, belaying, ascending, raising systems and lowering systems. Lecture – 3 hrs.

TR3 – Technical Rope Work Practical; Awareness + Area Access Operations Level. This course is designed to familiarize participants with the basic skills of technical rope work and introductory rescue including equipment, ropes, scene safety, scene management, area access, anchors, descending, ascending, self-rescue, basic rope systems and system management. We will also explore skills of technical rope rescue – operations level. Students will perform at least two rappels and one ascend form a high of no less than 15 feet – 4 hrs Practical.

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